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"King of the Jungle " - Available for purchase 2300.00 CAD ( 34x24 Inches on Elm slab )

Photo By : Elite ambitions Photography

Services Offered

From the time i was a child i have been drawing, painting and so much more. I offer all kinds of different artistic services with different mediums. Some are the following but i am always up for a new challenge. Feel free to inquire on my contact page!

-Wood Burning

- Drawing 

- Glass Etching 

- Leather And Suede Burning 

- Wood and metal furniture design 

- Logo and Graphic Design  

How It Works

Each piece is custom designed from the bottom up. We start by customising what type of function-able piece you want, right down to exact dimensions and even type of wood. 

Next we come up with a design. Perhaps you have a rough idea or an exact plan of what you would like on the board, this gives us a starting point and a direction to plan out your piece.

With all of the above information a quote can be provided free of charge and at this point the ordering process begins!

Often we collaborate and work closely with other artists and can even go one step further to adding epoxy resin, crystals and geodes and even as large as custom furniture pieces.

I look forward to making your idea a reality! click below to get in contact -



All projects are unique and individual !

Prices are based on wood cost ( or other material), size, type and art coverage and detail / complication

Price is also based off of wood item function, for example charcuterie board, box or baseball bat will all have an entirely different price point .

Pricing is also based on the art, Obviously wording and logos are more simplistic than human portraits for example. Each category and style is taken into consideration when determining the final price point,

Lastly, the additional embellishments and finish used will complete the pricing process to get an accurate quotation.

Prices Currently Starting at 300CAD for a standard 8 x 10 area of burned art including the high quality premium hardwood product. ( typically 12x15")

I have always believed everyone deserves to purchase and gift art, Please do not hesitate to inquire. I would love to accomodate all of those looking to design art including at a smaller size and pricepoint

Stay Tuned for some of my newest interests, projects, and new creations.

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