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Custom Wood Burning Gallerys

Bathtub boards are made standard out of cedar and are 10inch by 30 inch. Not all tubs are alike, if your tub is larger please request a custom length.

Bathboards are also available in other wood types, including live edge and epoxy.

 All cheese boards are hand picked by the artist. Usually there are a handful of boards in stock but you can also custom order the Georgia bay epoxy boards - please inquire a shape and style when requesting a quote

Hand chosen by the artist

So many stunning kitchen utensils, and what a

way to showcase a quaint yet 

sentimental gift

Hand chosen by the artist . Send a request for quote to see what trays are available and which are in stock

This is a very custom corner, each piece is very specific to the customer, 

Please know the size and style of wood you are looking to customize

All Oddball Custom items, including furniture

All sings are custom to order, size, type and style of wood and of course graphic

Freehand custom burned baseball bats

These unique trays are great for jewelry, decorative accents, and of course rolling your green

Freehand custom burned baseball bats

Freehand custom burned baseball bats

Freehand custom burned baseball bats

Epoxy Resin Collaboration Boards

Now offering Pre-Orders for these stunning hand designed partially epoxied wood pieces. When it comes to these pieces, the sky is the limit. Lets pop some color into your ideas!

These make a wonderful gift for anyone especially with that personal touch of a custom design burned in.

Custom inquiries welcome!

When it comes to wood, the sky seems to be the limit, Whether it is a function-able piece of wood in the kitchen, or a live edge hanging on the wall it seems the burning possibilities are endless. 

Please do not hesitate when it comes to large requests, such as furniture, custom burned fixtures etc.

I look forward to your inspiration, and burning outside the box!

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