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About My Wood Burning

The Idea came to me in the bathtub...

Photo by Lexy Parks

My Wood Burning Story

My Little Family

Myles my Husband, Rufus the Bullmastiff and Blue the Frenchie

The idea came to me in the bathtub...

I had been pondering for weeks as to what i should do for my girlfriends for Christmas of 2018. I had debated making them a gift, but was not quite sure what to make. Until i decided who doesn't love a board in the bathtub to house your wine, or tea or favourite book .

We made it happen...

I came to my dad with the idea, and he made all of this possible. We worked together creating the boards in his woodshop, and this is when he encouraged me to try burning a design to give them a finishing touch. I had drawn as a kid, but had never burned on wood before.

The girls loved them!

Inquiries filled my inbox....

after posting photos of my completed work, questions and inquiries began to flood my instagram. It seemed that there were other people looking for unique gift ideas 

So i decided i would do custom work, based on what the client requested of me.

The bathtub boards then grew from charcuterie, to signage and now have expanded to nearly anything wooden!

The best part...

The most incredible part about this journey is that the majority of the orders are custom gifts for family friends and loved ones of the client. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than knowing how surprised the receiver of the gift will be and how thoughtful the client is. A truly fulfilling feeling as I create these pieces.

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