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Le Dog

Le Dog is a company i am so proud to be apart of and stand behind 100%. They make leather dog beds and accessories for your furry friend. I purchased one of their dog beds when they first started and it is still in excellent shape ! I am the queen of large breed dogs and am so grateful for the easy clean, non odor or hair collecting beds, but even more so the memory foam keeping my big boned babies off of the ground !

Check out their products today you will not be disappointed!

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BAD Workwear North America

Designed by Australians , Made for the world

BAD represents people from all over North America that share a common passion for living the BAD® motto everyday.


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Click the below link based on your country !


Empire Goods Co

Empire Molds is a company dedicated to creating molds, templates 

and products for people looking to try new things and expand their

crafts and craftmanship. They supply some excellent acrylic and silicone templates perfect for those wanting to experiment and create with resin.

To save some extra cash use


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Wood Burning Tools and Machines

Bear Woods Canada / USA

I have partnered with Bear Woods supply for my Colwood wood burner- Bear Woods has so many excellent supplies including pyrography tools, dust collection, masks, epoxy, Odies oil ( my favorite ) and some great live edge and clock parts ! you can find so many cool things for your projects, and great tools !

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for courses, inspiration and how to's!

Be sure to use discount code at checkout for extra discount

discount code - "ALEXANDRA " 

Photo Edit by @the.good.witch.illustrations

Black Diamond Pigments

Black Diamond Pigments USA has the most incredible selection of coloured pigments used in creating so many of my custom pieces! They are wonderful to work with and the final result of their products are next to none! Contact me to start creating today and check out their website for all of their next level pigments, Also apply my discount code to receive 20% off your order ! ALEXANDRA20

Photo Edit Done By @the.good.witch.illustrations

Mark Lumber Co.

It has been a pleasure working with Mark Lumber Co, they have products and solid wooden bats that are next to none! Professional athletes know these maple bats are the best, and that Mark Lumber personalizes every custom piece! It has been an honor to work with them and offer their bats as my products!

Troll Co. Dirty Hands Clean Money 

At Troll Co. We are committed to honouring those who have fought for our freedoms. Every purchase from Troll Co. supports veterans' charities.

Lords Of Gastown  

Luxury Biker Gear - and exceptional casual gear.

Odies Oil 

Odies is the best wood finishing product hands down, and is 100% food safe ! All of my products are finished with Odies oil unless otherwise noted, and i would always reccomend it !

Superclear Epoxy   

Superclear Epoxy is hands down my recommendation for the product to use for all of your resin needs ! The team behind this product is exceptional and the most impressive work i have seen done by makers is done with superclear!

Check them out ! 

RZ Mask

RZ Masks are my go to when working with wood, and especially when burning it, They are comfortable, stylish and are effective.

for 15% off use "ALEXDAVIES15 " at checkout

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