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Luxury Leather Painting 

Custom Freehand Leather and Canvas paint

Leather painting was something I started working with in 2023

It has been an absolute dream to incorporate color into my art, and get to work on multiple materials and functioning pieces, i cannot wait to see where this journey takes me !

Products include Bags, Ball Gloves, Shoes and more 

Please submit inquiries to my website contact section below


A Huge thank you to Louis in Love for being the primary collaborator when it comes to luxury painted bags .

All bags are authentic and refinished and painted with top quality leather products

Pricing for bag customizations start at 350 CAD including consultation

To view beautiful bags for sale and available for customization, view them on Louis in Loves website below

Photo 2023-09-06, 8 53 32 PM (1)_edited.jpg


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